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Lawyer Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney enables another person to legally act on your behalf in a variety of ways when you are unable to do so. When forming this document, it is useful to speak to a Massachusetts estate planning lawyer to aid in creating the durable power of attorney document to match your exact needs and concerns and to make sure that you protect your interests.

A lawyer for durable power of attorney can handle a number of transactions in your stead, including:

-Banking transactions

-Safety deposit boxes

-Settling claims

-Signing contracts

-Buying, managing, and selling property and real estate

-Handling government matters such as social security benefits and tax returns.


There are two main types of power of attorney: general and limited.

-A general durable power of attorney allows your attorney to act on your behalf in a variety of issues at the attorney’s discretion. Your lawyer will act on your behalf while you are traveling or are unable, either physically or mentally, to manage your own affairs

-A limited durable power of attorney allows your attorney to act on your behalf only in certain instances. For instance, you can sign a limited power of attorney that only gives a lawyer the right to act on your behalf in regards to a certain piece of property

Each of these types of power of attorney can be made “durable,” which means that they still are in effect if you become physically incapacitated (for instance, a coma) or are declared mentally incompetent.

Although blank power of attorney forms can be found online, it’s best to contact an estate planning attorney at Bacon Flaherty to assist you in framing your exact wishes so that we can ensure that your document meets all appropriate legal standards.

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