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The attorneys at Bacon Flaherty provide an extensive offering of legal services for individual unit owners, condominium boards, developers, and associations.

Our law firm serves as general counsel for a number of condominium boards, providing legal services for contract and transactional services. We also help with cases where dispute resolution is needed by providing arbitration, mediation, courtroom representation, as well as in cases involving condominium lien collection matters. In addition to working with condominium boards we also represent condominium unit owners.

We offer a wide range of legal services including, but not limited to:

  • Draft, review, and the amending of formation documents including the Master deed and Declaration of Trust
  • Attorney review of purchase and sale and contracts prior to closing
  • Advice on elections, board of trustees’ succession, and board proceedings
  • Enforcement of bylaws
  • Fee collections and liens
  • Provide legal advice and education on enforcement issues, restrictions, and rules and regulations
  • Provide corporate governance legal advice and assistance on tax matters, construction projects, sales and transfers, disputes with unit owners and financing
  • Condominium unit owner lien foreclosures and evictions
  • Help with establishing common expenses and capital reserve funds accounts and with acquiring a master insurance policy for common areas and individual units
  • Legal advice pertaining to the right of first refusal by the board of directors of the condominium to intervene in any private transaction occurring between a third party and a condo unit owner.

Bacon Flaherty has extensive knowledge and experience with Massachusetts laws and statutes regarding condominium law. We will help you by providing customized solutions for your individual needs.

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