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Real Estate Closing Lawyer Hanover MA

Tom Flaherty Real Estate Attorney at Bacon Flaherty LLC

Hanover Real Estate Closing Lawyer Tom Flaherty

Our Hanover Real estate closing lawyers at Bacon Flaherty represent sellers, buyers, and lenders at residential and commercial real estate closings in the Massachusetts area.

Conducting a real estate closing is not a do-it-yourself matter. It requires a thorough knowledge of closing experience and knowing the Massachusetts laws is essential to prevent problems. Accordingly, buyers and sellers often seek out the experience of the Bacon Flaherty real estate closing lawyers to help protect them during this transaction.

Our real estate closing lawyers in Hanover MA bring sellers and buyers together to sign all of the necessary documents for the property and manage the payments as well as any settlement costs involved in the transaction.

Before the closing, there is a lot of work that needs to take place to ensure that it goes smoothly. Our Hanover real estate lawyer, Tom Flaherty, helps with closings in many ways. Tom examines the title for prior conveyances, judgments, easements unpaid mortgages, liens, encumbrances, and any clouds on the title. We help our clients, throughout this whole process, with completing all the paperwork, understanding legal documents, and resolving any possible title difficulties. We also verify that no errors exist in the deeds in the chain of title and that the seller does have the authority to convey a good title to the property. We also negotiate with the title insurance company for proper insurance coverage to insure titles against any adverse claims of ownership easements, and liens.

We then produce one set of closing documents from the information collected. During the closing, we ensure that all parties understand each aspect of the transaction. This includes the documents. We then disburse funds, record relevant documents as public records, and prepare title insurance policies for the purchaser and lender.

To summarize, Tom Flaherty, our Hanover real estate closing attorney can provide the following legal services:

For sellers, our attorneys will:

  • Prepare the deed, all other closing documents, and closing figures
  • Arrange for the closing at a convenient time and place
  • Attend the closing and ensure that a clear title is conveyed
  • Review charges for consistency with estimates
  • Review and negotiate the specific terms of contracts
  • Request title searches, condominium documents, surveys, mortgage payoff letters, and all other items necessary for closing, and
  • Provide any updates of facts that affect the property interest and provide legal counsel if any problems are identified

For buyers, our attorneys will:

  • Review and negotiate the specific terms of contracts
  • Evaluate all legal documents, such as the deed, closing statement, title policy, mortgage, survey, and seller disclosure statement
  • Attend the closing and make sure clear title is transferred
  • Request title searches, review condominium documents, surveys, mortgage payoff letters, and all other items necessary for closing, and
  • Help assess financing options and explain the terms of loans
  • Scrutinize charges to make sure that they are consistent with estimates, and
  • Provide updates of any facts that affect the property interest and provide counsel if difficulties arise

Our law firm serves buyers and sellers in real estate closings throughout Massachusetts, including Braintree, Canton, Quincy and has convenient Massachusetts law offices in Randolph, and Hanover, MA.

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